Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Magnolia Groovy module 1.0-m2 video

The Magnolia Groovy module 1.0 Milestone 2 has just been released. Briefly, what it does is adding first-class Groovy support into Magnolia's CMS at a deeper, system-wide level, allowing for managing Groovy classes and scripts directly within Magnolia's AdminCentral. The really innovative feature is the ability to plug in at runtime (almost) whatever piece of the CMS with a Groovy counterpart - no need for deployments and stopping/starting the servlet container. Of course, some common sense is highly recommended here and, though in theory possible, I would not endorse to rewrite and replace everything with Groovy, especially classes performing time-critical tasks. At least, not until Groovy will have become as fast as, if not faster than, Java ;-), which the guys working at Groovy++ seem trying to achieve. The video here will show this and other new features, such as easy hierarchy JCR navigation through nodes and attributes simply by using . (dot) notation (something similar to what Groovy does with XML with its XmlSlurper).


antarctic74 said...

Slick video. I need to learn how to use Groovy. Looks clever.

Federico Grilli said...

Hey Antti, thanks! :)